How to Have a Godly Relationship

How to Have a Godly Relationship

How to have a Godly Relationship?  You first will need to become a Godly man. A godly man must take on the initiation.  A Godly man needs to become a man of action and intrepid.  Many times ego gets in the way.  The ego exists to protect us. The ego exists to limit pain.  However, pain is part of life.  In order to feel happiness, we general have to feel pain first. We need to work the ego out; while serving the Lord.

How to have a Godly Relationship, is about having a Golden Heart for the Lord.

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When I was young I so self-centered. Most young people are self-centered.  Typically, most young adults only care about themselves and nobody else. Being self-centered is a weakness. As all weaknesses it takes a long time to deal and overcome it.

Overcoming human behavior is very difficult.  Media encourages arrogance and not else.  We have to step away from the TV and allow the Lord inside our hearts.

How to Have a Godly Relationship

How to have a Godly Relationship requires stop trying to be in control.  We need to just stop controlling everything.  In how to have a Godly relationship we need to get over the daily pity of things. In a Godly relationship the emphasis is integrity.  We need to give up our control of things and let the Lord do his work.

In How to have a Godly Relationship, we have to be a Godly Person?

My intent is to be in a Godly relationship.  How to have a Godly Relationship? What does it take to be in a Godly relationship? What kind of boyfriend do I need to be and how to have a godly relationship.  I have read many books and videos on Youtube.

I learned a lot about being a better Christian, but I it’s difficult to be that perfect Christian.  How to have a Godly Relationship? How can I be more Godly during dating?  Is it possible to be more honest with God, while dating?

Forget about looking Godly.  Looking Godly to others, is not being in contact with the Lord.  Don’t search for validation of others.  Forget how others will judge you.   Sure, we want approval from the opposite sex, but seeking validations will only get you into trouble. People will see your insecurity and that is not very attractive.  Pretend no one sees you being Godly and only answer to God.  God is the only judge.

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How to Have a Godly Relationship Requires more than just Going to Church

Life is difficult.  In order to have happiness, we all must go through pain.  Keeping the Lord first in our life requires sacrifice.  How to have a Godly Relationship requires more than just going to church once a week. It requires thinking and doing your best under God.  It requires being Godly while you are doing the laundry or the GYM. It’s all about how to have a Godly Relationship

Many times, putting the Lord first doesn’t always look as perfect in our minds. We should do our best to go to Sunday service; however, sometimes it’s impossible.  If we miss mass, it does not make us Ungodly.

God is not Only in the Church.

God is not only in the church.  The Lord is inside and outside the church.  God is everywhere.  The church is an excellent guide to help all of us to be Godly.  Honestly, the Bible is difficult to understand.  The Bible has different versions and has difficult language.  For many of us, the Bible reads differently many times.   The church is a great place to setup guidelines and help us all to interpret the Bible in a responsible manner.  In addition, the church also excels in advising young Christians about dating, sex, and marriage.  The church ad values to young Christians to run their life’s in a more Godly manner.

When we are young we have so many misconceptions about dating and how to have a godly relationship, ungodly relationships , ungodly soul ties in marriagemarriage.  Most of our parents work, and there is little interactions. Young people rely on media for their dating and marriage issues.  As young people we get false information from friends. Many times those friends are just clowns!  It’s no wonder most young Christians are so clueless.

In How to Have a Godly Relationship, We Need to Slow Down

The best advice churches give to Christian singles is to just slow down.  In how to have a godly relationship, we need to slow down.

Dating is like driving.  If you are driving too fast, you are more likely to get into an accident. Because media has quick relationships, most young Christian single believe, this is normal.

In order to find the right mate, you need to take your time to get to know her.  Unfortunately, it takes time to learn about your future spouse.  We all make mistakes, but what is important, is the degree of the error and how they deal with the mistake.   Did she cheat on you or did she just forget to buy the soap? How well did he bounce back from his mistake? Did he recognize it was his mistake, and did he learn from it?

During dating, we are all going to experience ups and downs.  Our expectations crushed.  Can we deal with the problems of dating.  Dealing with a significant other is a hassle, but is worth it.  Being in love is an incredible high and addicting at times.

Should I Date a Godly Person, If You don’t Find Them Attractive?

Most hot girls are less Godly; however, the plain Jane is more Godly.  Unfortunately, most men value women for their looks.  That’s how male minds are designed.

Your family and friends encourages you to date the plain Jane Godly girl.  As a man, you force yourself to date a girl no attracted to.  You over see her looks, but, you are just not physically attractive.

When a man physically attracted to a woman, the moral issues take a back seat.  Typically, the most attractive the girl, the less Godly the female. Some men want the slutty looking girl, but she has to be innocent.

The best strategy is to search out a girl you are attracted to and fall in love; however, desire a godly girl. I’m sure you heard, you should not judge a book by its cover; however, everybody judges its book by its cover. If you date only based on looks, then you will disappointed.

In the best scenario, a man will desire Godliness; however, most men need to be attracted to his female. Compatibility and character are so important, but fall short if they are not attracted to the girl. What comes first?  I just don’t know.  We believe all issues are important.

Who should lead in a Godly Relationship?

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Does the woman or the man lead in a Godly relationship? In social dance the boy leads and the girl follows.  The reality is the man needs to know how to lead; while, the girl has to be willing to follow.

However, in the US, many girls are raised independent.  I have seen many strong independent girls, who have a hard time trying to learn how to follow a young man in social dance.  Most social dance instructors, have a hard time training US girls to follow in waltz and fox trot. At the same time, it’s difficult to train young men to be strong leaders in dance, as our society pussifies them.

We are not saying men should always lead. Men and women if anything how to have a godly relationship, ungodly relationships , ungodly soul ties in marriageare equal, but some sexes excel in certain things in life. In general, Christian boyfriend should lead his girlfriend in some ways; however, a husband should never lead his wife.

The man needs to earn the respect of his woman. In How to Have a Godly Relationship, the man needs to provide himself as a good leader.  Most Christian women seek out a man who can lead; while not taking her for granted, and treating her as an equal.

The female expects for the man to know in what direction, they are going presently and in the future. Leading and following is not about who is the leader, but finding an equal balance between man and woman.

In How to Have a Godly Relationship, a woman will want consideration in the form of discussion and feeling wonderful experience.  However, it’s the responsibility of the guy to know  what is best for both, like where are they going for dinner. Most woman will be attracted, by the fellow who can discern these issues in a fair and strong manner.

Shame in a Lonely Christian Single?

There is no shame in a lonely Christian single.   If not married, it’s because you have not found that right Christian person.

We are in a society filled with broken families.  The media has corrupted the minds of the young.  Both mom and dad work. However, we all crave for a stable traditional marriage, and bring up good strong kids.

Many godly Christian women, find it hard to find Godly Christian men.  In general most  Christian singles can’t find a Christian spouse, but marry a non-Christian.  For most Christians, this dilemma falls below their expectations.   For most Christians being single is extremely frustrating.

In how to have a Godly relationship,  It’s highly recommended, to first find your contentment in Christ.  For some, Christ is enough.  If you have to be married or dating, in order to be happy, then you are putting a lot of pressure on your relationship.  If you seek validations from others, then you are an emotional vampire.   You are looking for validation in marriage, dating, and others.

A larger proportion of Americans are not getting married.  Most Americans are becoming okay with being single.  Some report more happiness being single. “In 2016 there were 110.6 million unmarried people in the United States. That makes up 45 percent of all U.S residents ages 18 and older.”  Over 50% of women are unmarried.  “Women, who made up 53.2 percent of this group in 2016, are more likely to be homeowners, according to United States Census Bureau.”

In How to Have a Godly Relationship, many hate the fear of loneliness. Christians married to settle down and not be left out.  Many find a spouse to not feel left out, and cosmetically cover their emotional issues.  I know many Christian how to have a godly relationship, ungodly relationships , ungodly soul ties in marriagecouples, who stay together or stay married, because they don’t want to lose their life style and friends.  They have a sense of belonging and  get a constant affirmation of everything is okay.  They are unhappy, but there status in society is worth more to them, than a calm heart.  However, are they truly in love, and truthful with God?

Ungodly Relationships

In How to Have a Godly Relationship,  why are so many Christians in Ungodly Relationships?   Why are so many good Christians dating the wrong people?

In How to Have a Godly Relationship, most Ungodly relationships are pure torture. During Ungodly relationships we feel stress and pain of the heart.   When we endure in Ungodly relationships, we understand God is not in agreement.  When you are in Ungodly relationship, you feel tide down, but at the same time wish it would end.  It takes a lot of energy to change and find a happy solution.

In Ungodly relationships some are not only comfortable, but just deeply miserable.  Most people are emotionally trapped in Ungodly relationships.

How many times have we seen hot women in Ungodly relationships?  Women are not only spiritual but intuitive human beings.  Girls are so much smarter in social skills and people reading.  Most women’s minds are more developed than boys in terms of social skills.

How is it possible, Christian woman are attracted to bad boys? Attracted to poor quality men.  Most of these bad boys play video games all day, but have crappy jobs.  Some have looks and show a great deal of confidence.  In fact, some are gushing in confidence.

Hot girls are attracted to confident men.  Many good Christian men are alone and they lack confidence.

Understand, most girls who hookup with non-religious men have a bad time.  These good Christian girls have arguments with their family and friends about dating a non-religious man.  Most women struggle with a lover who does not believe in the Lord.   Some classy women are attracted to highly confident males, regardless of religion. Most of these Christian girls are confused and following their hearts.

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Ungodly Soul Ties in Marriage

Ungodly Soul Ties in Marriage- God designed women to be attractive to men.  Most women enhance themselves to make themselves gorgeous. But, the exterior beauty of the female is just a small part of who they are.  Unfortunately, many men marry women, in part, for their beauty, and create Ungodly soul ties in marriage.

Just like girls, most men influenced by media. Some men influenced by the definition of beauty developed by TV, and fall into Ungodly soul ties in marriage. Most lack maturity and should marry later in their lives.

In addition, arrogance in men is a big issue. The typical young male is arrogant.  We think we are unstoppable and think we can’t die.  In general, young people lack empathy and only care about themselves.  Arrogance is a cloud in our perceptions. If we are lucky we don’t get married, until later in our life.   Most young people not ready to get engaged, and generate Ungodly soul ties in marriage.

As young adults, we are mostly blind and fail to listen to others.  Most can’t acknowledge they have a social problem.  It takes a while to mature.  We think differently in our twenties than in our thirties.

Based on society, most people go too fast with everything.  Young how to have a godly relationship, ungodly relationships , ungodly soul ties in marriageChristians use a lot of technology and meet people online.  They just do things quicker.  However, dating and marriage require going slow and steady. Most get involved too soon and too quick. We barely know this new person. What a big mistake!     Just like baking, you need to combine the ingredients correctly, but allow the bread to rise on its own pace.

Ungodly Soul Ties in Marriage a result of Going too Fast

Ungodly soul ties in marriage a result of going too fast and not allowing yourself to get to know the other person.  It takes a while to get to know a person, and still you may never know her.

Most Ungodly soul ties in marriage are pure misery. When we endure in an Ungodly relationship, we know God is not in agreement.  We are not only lying to our self’s, but It’s like we are lying to God too.  During Ungodly soul ties in marriage, there is a great deal of anxiety and mental drain.  In such Ungodly relationships, your heart runs on empty.  Most Christian under an Ungodly soul ties in marriage can’t sleep or eat well.

In how to have a Godly relationship, When you are in an Ungodly relationship, you feel your feet dragging and your spirit low.   Many good Christians feel depressed with even thoughts of suicide. For most it takes a lot of strong will to change and find a happy solution.

However, in a perverted manner some people become comfortable just how to have a godly relationship, ungodly relationships , ungodly soul ties in marriagebeing miserable.  Yes, some are okay leading a miserable life in Ungodly soul ties in marriage.  Most god fearing people feel incredibly powerless and out of control.  They walk around feeling tormented.   Most good Christians trapped in an Ungodly soulless tie.

A Divided Soul in an Ungodly Soul

When we are in an Ungodly soul ties in marriage, we carry divided souls with negative effects.  We are like prisoners in our own bodies. These relationships hinder our ability to receive affection, given to us, and unable to reach our souls.  When we carry a divided heart it affects how much we are able to give.

We all suffer traumatic effects during Ungodly relationships. The painful experiences linger well into after the break up.  The pain endures, because the heart still tied to the other person and unable to break that emotional connection.  For many, it disrupts the entire life of any good Christian.

After a breakup in an Ungodly soul ties in marriage, any Christian, stumbles trying to trust others.  As humans we love to trust others.  However, after an Ungodly relationship, it becomes difficult to trust others.

Even after a divorce of many years, it’s hard to move past, and meet new people.  It’s very difficult to trust a new person, because you feel betrayed. You want to open your heart, but you just feel jaded.


DISCLAIMER: We are not psychologists or licensed professionals. We’re just average everyday folks who understand. We understand life is hard.  There are no easy answers.