Beautiful Christian Girls

Why are There so Many Beautiful Christian Girls?

Sexy Christian girls or beautiful Christian girls?  Ask Yourselves? Why are there so many beautiful Christian girls? I have seen many provocative, hot, and just seductive Christian selfies on the internet! It’s troubling, in that, why they’re posting in honoring to God?

After reading through several dozen comments, we noticed a common theme:

“Stop shaming hot Christian girls.  No need to make them feel guilty for a godly woman, beautiful Christian girls, sexy Christian girls, hot Christian girlsjust looking “so hot.”

“Beautiful Christian girls post whatever images they want and looking for attention.”

 “There is nothing wrong with being beautiful; while, seductive…there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Beautiful Christian Girls

I really challenge beautiful Christian girls to reevaluate their posts, as we have seen posts:

“Sometimes beautiful Christian girls go overboard and just look like loose girls.”

“Attractive Christian girls post any images in bad taste, and look like street walkers.”

 “Nothing wrong with being attractive; however, some young girls have too much make up.”

Beautiful Christian Girl or Seductive Mistress?

It can be confusing in deciding, if she is a beautiful Christian girl or just a seductive mistress.  Many times it’s just subjective and many Christians have different interpretations.

Generally, beautiful Christian girls are not really called by God to be seductive. However, they are called to be beautiful(inside and out) women of God.

If you are praying to God, for a godly woman, then you should not expect God to bring you one to your feet. Yes, do seek the Lord in prayer.  Intensely, ask the Lord for a beautiful (inside and out) Godly woman.  Yes, God is more than willing to give.  It requires to start praying for your beautiful Christian girl. Use your heart to connect with a kind Christian girl, than a seductress.

Beautiful Christian Girls

Seductive vs Beauty. Similar, But Each Are Entirely different:

Seductive Christian Girl

Most of our Christian girls are being influenced by our pop culture.  Firms such a godly woman, beautiful Christian girls, sexy Christian girls, hot Christian girlsas Victoria’s Secret trash the young minds of our Christian Girls.  They are able to brainwash the young minds to believe something as beautiful but it’s really just being seductive.

Whether in Canada, UK or the US, our culture engages young Christian girls to be hot and sexy. Ust look at the female selfies on Instagram and Facebook

Why are Christian Girls so Seductive?

Many Christian girls pose seductively.  These young Christian girls praised by their friends for looking “beautiful, ” but many are seductive and lustful? ” Many of these Christian girls get tons of likes on Facebook. Posing seductively is not beautiful. Wanting to be attractive is human. But please don’t let shame or guilt overshadow your heart.

If  the girl posts a more normal pix, they barely get comments. However, the seductive Hot Christian gets many life.  Most girls are trying to get recognition.  They struggle for attention.  Christian Girls addicted to “likes.”

Many girls are not going out much.  Many attractive Christian girls stay home get dolled up, and upload photos on Instagram and Facebook, and waiting for comments. They are vampires of validation!

Many godly girls are suffering.  They don’t feel complete. Seduction and beauty are messed and confusing our youth.  Most of the seductive photos are created and fake.  However, most Christian girls struggle feeling beautiful.

Beautiful Christian Girls.
Beautiful Christian Girls

God is the creator of all things truly beautiful. There is no doubt, the Lord, designed women to be beautiful creatures for man.  Beauty is magnificent to our eyes. The hand of god is everywhere.

Some will say, nudity was not sin until the devil told Adam that it was. Seduction was sin until the devil made us feel guilty.

Unfortunately, beautiful Christian girls have given us their God-given beauty for the wrong.  things.  There is no need to use beauty to arouse, entice or even seduce men.  Many times, our real beauty is not looking hot in sexy poses.

Nevertheless, there appears to be a fine line between beauty and seduction for some.  Beauty requires good judgment.  Where to draw the line? For example, if you show cleavage, then your legs need to be covered.  If you show legs, then your cleavage needs to be covered.  This is difficult to manage. Girls born out of wedlock or younger parents don’t have the skills to advise their kids.   We allow media to raise our kids

When a Good girl shows a selfie of herself simply smiling with her best friends, it’s acceptable.  However, if she shows a selfie that depicts desire, then we have a problem.  Does society promote desirability if you are seductiveness? Honestly a young girl may not have a clue, what she is doing.

We see many good beautiful Christian girls trying to be fashionable but not knowing sexual or in bad taste.  Mostly TV, Movies or online teach girls fashion.  Makeup is great to enhance your beauty, but not going to the extremes of Kylie Jenner.

When beautiful Christian girls use too much makeup or little clothes, they are trying to get validation from society.  Those comments become more important that being before the lord.

Hot Cristian Girls Online

Sexy Christian girls or beautiful Christian girls?  Beautiful Christian girls need to look a godly woman, beautiful Christian girls, sexy Christian girls, hot Christian girlsdeep inside their hearts, and see if they want to live their lives for God.  Sure our society is confused.  How do you interpret seductive vs. beauty?  How do you interpret you friends’ selfies?  We should not be bothered, by what others, consider as beaiuty.  However, there is nothing wrong with getting others’ points of view. How do you describe a beautiful girl? How do you describe a seductive girl?

Do you care more about drawing the attention of yourself, or using your beauty to point others to Christ?  When people look at you and your online pictures, do they see a Godly girl, or a seductress?  Is that attention really worth it?

Beautiful Christian Girls

As mothers or sisters, we need to teach naïve young women.  Some beautiful Christian girls don’t know that posing in certain ways, induces men to have certain sexual feelings. Sure, even posing in a Godly way, some men still have these feelings. Some think lust is the problem, but not the one arousing lust in another.  It’s the responsibility on all sides to maintain a Godly mind-set.

Many beautiful Christian girls degrade themselves.  They actually look down at themselves.  We lack the ability to find God in our selves. The master designer is not considered.  The girls are too busy thinking of themselves and not of God.  We are created for God’s glory.

To show off their bodies, they dress in clinging and revealing clothes and that is not what God wants. The way a beautiful  Christian Girl dresses says a lot about character. Ask your selves, what do you think of a woman who wears a tube top with a short skirt in a family public place?

Good beautiful  Christian girls put makeup to enhance themselves and feel terrific. However, there is no need to put make up on for attracting guys. There is no doubt God created men to be attracted to women, and women made soft and beautiful.

A Godly Woman

How do you find a Godly Women? You first need to become a Godly boyfriend.

As proverb 31:30 states:

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”

Yes, beautiful Christian girls should be able to make themselves beautiful.  However, stay humble with pride.  Avoid personal interests, but for the interests of others and serving God.

God is bigger than EVERYTHING! Beautiful Christian girls feel a power of adrenaline, when men praise them.  However, for some sexy is something shameful; all the while condemning themselves. Interesting of some Godly women are withdrawn; at the same time disgusted,  by how much men lust their bodies.

Unfortunately, there are many men who are attracted to a seductive women; but deep in their minds are turn-off.

With GOD nothing is impossible.  With a lot of work a Godly man can find a Godly woman. It’s all about accepting one self.  We are who we are, but require setting up our priorities. Most of us have our priorities messed up.

Most men want a Godly woman, but maybe they are not a Godly man.  In order to engage a Godly Woman, you must first be a Godly Man. In order to attract her, you must first ask the Lord to become a Godly man without expectations of anything, and that is the hard part!  We must first become a faithful servant of God, without expectations. The Almighty father may provide your future wife.   Ultimately, dating leads to  a wonderful marriage and start a family with strong and healthy kids.

Submissive Hot Christian Girls
Beautiful Christian Girls

A significant part of marriage is a true commitment to God. A Godly women needs to have a close relationship to the Lord.  In doing so, it will result in a happy loving marriage as the Lord wants.

The definition of submissiveness means to be obedient and respectful.  However, it never means that a beautiful  Christian woman should take abuse from their husband.  They should not allow them selves to hurt them or their children in any way. In General, it means for a wife to allow their husbands to be head of the household, as the Lord intended.

The Ungodly girl’s clothing points to herself.  More specifically it points to her body instead of the Lord. “The flesh flaunts the body, God beautifies the spirit.”

An Ungodly woman is a deceitful woman.  An untrustworthy girl is an ugly female. Such a female, leads the man on a path to self-destruction. Without doubt, a beautiful Christian girl carries the heavenly beauty of God.  A Godly woman wants and desires to be a hard worker. At the same time, a Godly woman does not want to hookup with a lazy man. She wants to engage a hard working man with great passion.  Men, please stop playing video games?

The Lord loves you for who you are. A Godly woman should love who she is; while modestly dressing and posing.

Most Godly women seek a vision that is bigger than their selves. A Godly a godly woman, beautiful Christian girls, sexy Christian girls, hot Christian girlswoman desires to join a man on path with meaning; while, at the same time being a part of something special. As a Godly man, it’s your job to figure it out. Where are you going in life? How are you investing in your selves?  What are your goals life?

Sexy Christian Girls

Is there anything wrong with sexy Christian girls? Christian girls take on much pressure in producing beauty; while, holding a modest array of clothes. We all desire for validation of others. We hunger for approvals of family, friends, or strangers.

Validation of others is not a negative behavior. Women require affirmations for good health.  However, like any other out of control conduct it manifests into a negative too sexy Christian girls.  Sexy Christian girls are undressing themselves in Instagram.  Good girls consistently showing too much skin in bad taste.

Beautiful Christian Girls

Sexy Christian Girls Struggle with Lust.

Typical sexy Christian girls struggle with lust.  It’s not just men that deal with lust.  Life is full of mental battles.  Combating with our inner demons is part of being human.  It’s hard to keep your thoughts under control.  Daily, media pounds our minds with images; all the while, influencing sexy Christian girls.

Some say, when a man sees an extremely attractive girl, he is having an internal battle between him and the Lord.

One of the main theories of marketing is to make people feel bad about them selves. If you make people feel bad about them selves, they will desire stuff, they don’t need.  If a beautiful Christian girl feels ugly, she’s going to buy loads of cosmetics.  Women open their purses to acquire form shaping Spanx.  Hair and nails manipulated to look like popular sexy TV actresses. High heel shoes push rears out and make the boobs go out.  The contraptions used by these girls make them look, what they are not.  For the inexperienced guy, it’s really hard to find their inner beauty.  All of these charades are distractions.  These distractions focus on the wrong things.

Does Beauty Distract the Lords Connections

These distractions deprive us from connecting with the Lord. Beauty does not come from us, beauty extends from glorifying of God.  Unfortunately, the sexy Christian Girl does not glorify the Lord.

Can a good beautiful  Christian girl live all out for Jesus; while being a sexy Christian girl?

A while back ago, a hot young brunette moved into my apartment building on the same floor.  For some time I saw her at a distance; until, we crossed paths.  I said “Hi,” and we briefly talked.

She mentioned she attended a Christian school. We went for coffee, and began a friendship.  I later found out she was engaged to someone else.  Nevertheless, we slept together many times and had a really great time.  In the meantime, I stayed away from dance clubs, I went to sleep at a good time, and spent very little money!

After a few months we split, but I learned how to meet sexy Christian girls and win them over.  Most good beautiful Christian girls pretend to be good girls.

I’m not saying to infiltrate the house of God and go hillbilly crazy, but it’s really easy to find and meet sexy Christian girls!

I found hot sexy Christian girls, by following a few steps. Not only I look for the largest church, but in the best neighborhood.  I go to the churches with the highest net worth.  Because, the highest paid men are going to marry the best looking women.  As a consequence, they produce the hottest sexiest Christian girls.

The best tip I can give anyone is to be the “bad boy” towards these girls.  Sure a few beautiful Christian girls will be turned off, but many will be turned on.  Like any other religion, Christians try to live a life of impossible constraints.  Those life’s constraints are not easy to live by.   At one point in the past, all women feel the spirit of rebellion. You need to show your rebellious and confident side to sexy Christian girls.

Christian Men are Total Control Freaks

As it turns out, most Christian men are total control freaks.  These control freaks are unattractive to most women.   Women don’t want to be controlled, they want to be led.  They loathe logical control freaks.  However, they want to “feel” emotional experiences. All women are hungry to feel exciting experiences.

I stayed away from married Christian women; however, I noticed married Christian women love compliments.  Married Christian women, don’t get enough compliments, but this is another story.   I also, avoid virgin Christian girls.  Some virgin Christian girls bring about problems!

Yes, sex does sell.  Women’s bodies are used in advertisements to sell everything. Woman’s profiles are used to sell clothes, cars, etc.  Men’s attractiveness consists of resources and confidence.   Women’s’ enhanced symmetry is used to sell men stuff such as autos, watches, and gadgets.  The a godly woman, beautiful Christian girls, sexy Christian girls, hot Christian girlsadvertisements, say if you buy our product(s), then you will get the attention of an attractive female.

Indeed, our world is saturated with sexual images.  For some, they understand, it’s the women who are the sexy creatures. They are supposed to be provocative, but provocative to their man.

Sexy is such a vague term.  The meaning is very subjective. Sexy can be good taste or poor taste.  A man or woman is sexy; while referring to their actual appearance or to their confidence.

Deep down inside, all beautiful  Christian girls desire to be attractive.

Beautiful Christian girls need encouragement to stand for real Godly beauty and not artificial sexiness.   Most girls want to be notice by guys. While. Most girls want to feel the affirmations, in the compliments of their beauty.

A good Christian girl deep down craves attention, but are told, they should not be seductive.  They just feel depressed when they post Ungodly selfies.

Hot Christian Girls

Hot Christian Girls-I have attended many Christian affiliated events.  In doing so, most of the members were women and very attractive at that. Yes, hot Christian girls! Many were married, engaged, and a few were single.  Many women come to these Christian events by them selves

There is a strong need for these hot Christian girls to live fully devoted lives to God.  There is nothing more impactful, than a passionate Christian girl living for the Lord. No one should live for the approval of others. These Hot Christian girls should live for the Lord, but not for their comfort.

Lust is being attracted to another woman for her body.  Surely, lust is the desire to have sex, with a woman you have not married.  Or the animal desire to commit adultery.

All hot Christian Girls struggle with lust. She feels the lust for a confident and attractive man.  I am not addicted to pornography, but I am distracted to lust after handsome.  Some females attracted to really masculine men.

Most hot Christian girls feel a hard core temptation for masculine men.  Just like men, most women are overcome by the attraction of attractive men.  Even some married Christina women, struggle with lust over friends and acquaintances in their social circles.

Unfortunately, most Christians believe that God will do the heavy lifting, when it comes to finding a mate.  They think if they prey enough, they will get the job, win the lottery or win the girl.  We are all lazy.  Laziness is what keeps us out of relationships.  For sure the Lord will still not do all the work.  However, God will be with you every step of the way.   If you feel doubt, what you are really feeling is fear.

For most people that are alone, people that want nothing to do with dating.  Dating carries so many tangible and emotional costs.  Waiting for your date and is she going to show up? Will she like me?  Am I dressed OK?  There are a lot of risks and pain s with dating.   Unfortunately, anything that matters requires pain and work.  Going through many hot Christian girls, will sooner or later result in the right beautiful Christian girl. What does not kill you, will make you stronger. The fear of rejection is huge!

Most men try to make the girl into a friend, first.  Most men have the fear of rejection; as a consequence, just pussy foot around.  Men will do favors for women to be their friends.  Most men become the girl’s servant. After so many meaningless friendly interactions, men become frustrated.

It’s always best to be honest.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Please do not lie to her, as she will treat you as her best friend.  It’s okay, to let her know what you want, but at the same time don’t be desperate.

For the man’s dynamic, their libido is just pure torture.  Managing the man’s sexual drive, is very difficult and overwhelming. For some men the libido is a curse or torture.  Some men look forward to marriage, because, they think there are going to get more sex, but the reality, sex may drop in marriage.

DISCLAIMER: We are not psychologists or licensed professionals. We’re just average everyday folks who understand. We understand life is hard.  There are no easy answers.   Please consult a licensed professional.


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