Dating a Christian Girl

Dating a Christian Girl is not Evil!

Dating a Christian Girl- Christian girls come in all shapes and sizes, and degrees of religious fervor.  Most Christian girls are moderate in their religion acumen.  Most Christian girls embrace the Lord, and keep their dogmas to themselves.

When dating a Christian girl, you need to watch out for the extreme religious crazies, also known as “Jesus Freaks.”

Some Christian girls are so into their religion, they may try to push you how to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup into their church or convert you.   It happened to me twice dating a christian girl, on  dates, and the girl tried to change plans at the last moment.

The first time I was stupid, and allowed her to change the plans.  After dinner, we went to her church.  She used me to get validation from her Christian group. However, after the date, I stopped calling her.  She called me several times, but I never took her out again.  I all way said, “I’m busy.”

Dating a Christian Girl, hot christian girls

The second time, I was dating a Christian girl.  She tried to change plans and go to her church.  I decided to turn the car around, and dropped her off.  Her jaw fell to the ground.  She was shocked, and tried to save the situation.  She repeated “sorry,” so many times.  I just answered, “I understand,” in a slow manner.  Maybe, I should have taken advantage of the situation, but really lost interest in her. I was able to see through her hot makeup, and see her for who she is.

Watch Out! When Dating a Christian Girl

Watch out.   She may challenge you!  When dating a Christian girl, she may put you to the test!   If you go to church on your first date, then you can forget physical attraction.  There is no way she is interested in you.  She will not want to sleep with you.  You can be sure, she will just drag you along as a chump!

When dating a Christian girl, she may express her morals, and she wants to know about you.  However, you may not want to be honest.  However, the best strategy is to be honest.  Things can go in so many directions.

Nevertheless, if you try to meet her morals or ideologies, you will look weak!  Like in a dead end chess move, by trying to meet her verbal expression of morality, you will fail.

If you are honest with her, she may not like it, but she will respect you.  When you are honest, just let her absorb your reality, don’t back down.  80% of the time, she will respect you for being an untamed stallion.

When dating a Christian girl,  by not being immediately compatible, you have something interesting to talk about.  The Christian girl, will find your differences interesting.

Like on TV, you won’t find happy couples, because it’s just too boring.  You will see unhappy cheating couples.  Couples that are ready to kill each other at a blink of an eye.  The TV show Cheaters is trash, but it’s really cheap to produce, makes a lot of money, and so many find it interesting.  Unfortunately, most girls bored and find the lured as interesting.

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When Dating a Christian Girl, Don’t be a Nice Guy!

When dating a Christian girl, don’t be the perfect Christian boyfriend.   Instead, be the Christian on the fence, and kind of a bad boy.  All the while, be somewhat interestedhow to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup in her.  You need to be a challenge for her.  You need to challenge her beauty and heart.  When dating a Christian girl, she needs the mental struggle.  Your person needs to be interesting enough to stay in her mind.  If you are not interesting enough, you are practically dead to her.  It’s better to have her uncomfortable at you at first, and then connect emotionally.

The strategy above sounds counter intuitive, when dating a Christian girl.  However, it’s the best strategy in connecting with a Christian girl. However, don’t be too extreme.  Don’t cut her off. If she ask you about marriage and kids.  Don’t say “NO.” But, tell her you need the right girl to marry.  You need the right Christian girl to have kids with.  And put her on the stand.  Test her, if she could be good enough to be that right Christian wife?  When dating a Christian girl, ask her does she drink or gets drunk?  Would she put her friends over her kids?

Tips on Dating a Christian Girl

When dating a Christian girl, be a good listener and show empathy.  However, don’t  be a wimp, but firm with her about your point of view.  Then start testing her, if she’s good to be the ONE and only?. Be direct with CONFIDENCE, when dating a Christian girl.   Can she be a good Christian wife? Does she have the emotions to raise kids?  What does she do in Church?  How do others see her at church? When dating a Christian girl, ask does she see the Lord in her life?

Some girls are extremely vocal about Christianity.  Don’t be turned off.  When dating a Christian girl, just let her be vocal.  Let her run out of gas. Don’t argue with her. Don’t try to impress her with your logic.  Using logic does not work.  Logic will never work, to win over her heart.

When dating a Christian girl, gradually, start asking her your questions.  Most men try to avoid these issues, when dating a Christian girl.  However, by taking on these issues, you will show confidence and respect.  Be upfront and confident.  Be open about how you feel; while making it clear about your boundaries

Even if she is a low key Christian girl, asking religious questions with a soft tone will make a conversation interesting. It’s part of dating a Christian girl.  If she is extremely private on religion, you will recognize the boundaries, and that is OK.  It’s part of getting to know her.  Through conversation, you can share your passions and that can win someone’s heart.

You may not believe entirely in the church or God!  However, she still wants to date you.  Her parents may dislike you and your lack of beliefs.  Yet, she may still want to date you.

Why Confidence

Men we are attracted by her beauty.  While, most women are attracted by confidence.

When meeting a Christian girl it can be an extreme dynamic.  If you are not fully Christian, try to emphasize you want to work past any religious issues. However, you are not really interested in becoming religious.  If you like her as much as she likes you, then she will do anything to work things out with you.  It’s all about  clearing the small stuff at the begging of the relationship.

What is a Christian Girl Looking for:

Christian girls are like all other girls, they want that perfect life.  They know all the details on how they will get married from the church to her dress.  Christian girls know which house they will live in and how many kids they how to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup want.   They know how their man will look; while, the social status they will have.  Sure, most may not achieve it, put they already have these personal goals:

– Most Christian girls search for men committed to the Lord.

-Girls desire a strong man, while not afraid to express who he really is.

-Most Christian girls desire confident men; while, an identity in Christ, than in their own abilities.

-Christian girls want a guy that says something and does it.

Most when dislike inconsistent men.   Girls appreciate guys, that are clear about their intentions.  It’s a good idea to express and expose your feelings. When dating a Christian girl be as clear as poissble This consists of intentionally dating her.  Do not lead her on. If you want to date her, then just be consistent.   If you have and show mixed signals, it will cause you problems.  Be consistent, when you are alone with her.

Christian girls simply want you to step up.  They want a confident man, that is comfortable who goes against the popular ideas of society; while, being in touch with the Lord.  At the same time, they want to be swept off their feet.

how to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup

Christian Dating Boundaries

Christian Dating Boundaries:  All relationships are different because every person is different. When dating a Christian girl, it’s difficult to establish boundaries.   Every relationship has its own separate limits on what is permitted. Sure, friendships of the opposite sex often seem to be the source of most contention, and difficult to deal with.

Christian dating boundaries need to have acceptable guidelines by both.  Both need to listen and know how you feel. When dating a Christian girl, it’s all about the details.

Within the boundaries, we draw close to something so much bigger than ourselves. Love is worship. There’s a true inner power in love.

There are standard Christian Dating boundaries, such as, a woman who is not your wife is not an available woman.

Without question, in terms of marriage, the Lord intended for both men and women to enjoy intimacy and pleasure.  Some say sex is reserved for marriage, but not dating.

When setting up dating boundaries, the couple should not only communicate their feelings; however, exhibit them as well. We all how to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup become complacent in our relationships.  As a partner we need to continually reinforce how we feel to our partner. The goal is to trust our partner.   Many times we become jealous and uncooperative.  The daily grind of stress, makes us difficult to deal with.

Reasonable Christian Dating Boundaries

Within Christian dating boundaries, the key is to keep things within reason.  When dating a Christian girl,  you need to ask how far can you go with a women?  How far is too far before marriage?  For  most , that’s where most of our conversations about boundaries start.

Dating is like shopping.  It’s a great way to experience her, to see if marriage is in the cards.  Dating is a healthy experience.  The hard part is to open up. When dating a Christian girl, it can be difficult, but definitely worth it! Both need to open up enough, so you get to know each other.  You have to go through an emotional roller coaster ride. You don’t want to get too emotionally entangled, but still have to go through those emotions.  We are all hungry for affection. At some point, you have to guard your heart. However, at some point you have to put on your heart on your sleeve.

How do we set up boundaries during dating?

What are we really after in dating?  How do we draw the line about stuff?
What are we trying to secure during dating? When dating a Christian girl, what are we trying to enjoy during dating?

Yes, we are all starving for affection and intimacy.  Anyone can establish Christian dating boundaries.  However, we can’t establish any number of boundaries to guard us entirely.

how to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup

Establishing Christian Dating Boundaries and Fear

In most relationships, there are no true standard boundaries.  Couples just take one day at a time, and habits become boundaries. Fear is what freezes us.  Fear prevents us from reaching our goals.  When we combine fear with emotions, it becomes total chaos.  Some fear, that if they establish boundaries, the other person will walk away.

For some, fear makes us want to impose boundaries.  Boundaries that can be confining to others.   Emotional boundaries are negatively controlling.  Most women enjoy a fun and thrilling guy.  However, all girls loathe a controlling Christian man.  Most women can’t hang on to a controlling man.  Unconfident insecure men are controlling freaks.  Their fear overwhelms them.  They are afraid to lose their life and her. These weak men impose their personal boundaries onto another human beings.   Some of these insecure men go to the limits of physically hurting their wives and children.  Some have even killed, as they place their irrational boundaries. When dating a Christian girl, don’t be a controlling Christian man!

Initiating Boundaries in Dating

How do we initiate Christian dating boundaries?  The fear is should the boundaries be strict or loose?  When dating a Christian girl, how do we establish boundaries? The fear of too much or too loose boundaries are a constant problem.

For a good Christian woman or man to define boundaries is a true challenge.  Those definitions of boundaries, change from person to person drastically.

If you put too strict of boundaries, then you are making those agreements to hard to meet.  The stricter the boundaries, the more difficult the relationship, an impossible lifestyle.

The lower the boundaries, the easier the relationship.  Don’t put the blame on the boundaries, but analyze the other person.  It’s easy to make boundaries:

-No snacking before dinner.

-No calls after 10:30PM

-We need to go to the GYM three times a week.

-Limit friends to twice a week

If the Christian dating boundaries are loose, but either person has a hard time trying to meet those guidelines, then it’s the person.  You determine the person is not right for you, even though he may be Christian.

Some believe in boundaries placed on emotional connection, but  difficult.  The higher the emotions, the higher the emotional attachments.  The higher emotional attachments, the more likely you will get married.  Emotions are not something you can establish as a boundary.  However, emotions is what make the relationship interesting and enjoyable.  Yes, guard your heart, but allow for those great emotions to be experienced.

Expectations in Christian Dating Boundaries

Anytime we set expectations too high, you are bound to get disappointed.  It’s ok to dream, about a happy life. Many times how to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup expectations are set too unrealistic. Don’t rush into high expectations. You place a time period to get married, but not emotionally ready.  Increased level of commitment makes everything more stressful, and difficult to manage.  When you talk about the future house you own or what cars will be purchased, it will make the relationship tense.

Sexual boundaries are the most difficult to establish.  Hugging and kissing is okay, but is intercourse okay?  Everyone has a different emotional experience. There are so many interpretations.  Should we save sex before marriage?  Are we virgins?  Should we stay virgins?  Is she a virgin, but you are not, and have a high sexual desire? I just don’t know.

The more serious the dating boundaries, the harsher the breakup.  The longer the relationship, the more difficult let done will be.

 In general, when establishing Christian dating boundaries make those boundaries reasonable and fun!

Matching Christian Dating Boundaries

The easy strategy is to date a girl with similar standards as yours.  It’s so much easier, if she likes burgers and shakes, like you.  It’s so much easier when her level of Christianity is the same as yours.  What a relief, if she wants kids, just like you!  The hard part is finding someone like you.  Or someone that is good enough based on your standards.

How to be a Godly Boyfriend

How to be a Godly Boyfriend?  You first have to become a Godly man. A Godly man must take the initiative.  A Godly man needs to become a man of action and intensely courageous. Work out your ego and serve the Lord.

A Godly Boyfriend, is about Becoming a Man of the Lord.  

Most men, when they are young are arrogant.  Normally, most young people only care about themselves.  Arrogance is a weakness, and like most weaknesses it takes a long time to overcome.  We have to do mental battles within ourselves.  Through time and ups and downs, we are so lucky to allow the Lord through our hearts.

In the process of overcoming arrogance, you need to stop controlling every little thing, and turn your life over to the Lord.

As a young man, I tried to control everything.  Tried to control girlfriends.  I’m embarrassed to say, but I really stupid.  It took me a long time to figure out I was trying to control.  I foolishly thought, I was following God, but I was following my own ego.

I was blind and failed to listen.  The first step is to acknowledge, you have a problem.  I tried to fix myself for several issues, but couldn’t.  Then, I had to fix one issue at a time.  I fixed myself, when dating a Christian girl. It took awhile, but had some success!

Once you let go of control, it’s easier to let God in.  As you let go of control, you anxiety and stress are diminished.

How to be a Godly Boyfriend

In order to be a Godly boyfriend, you have to recognize, you are not a man of the Lord, yet.   Being a Godly Boyfriend requires working on one self.  Unfortunately, the pride gets in the way.  Sometimes,  I can’t stop thinking of myself.  Thinking of others is hard to do.  Pride prevents us from doing what is right.

Overcoming these human behaviors is very difficult.  TV and movies encourages selfishness and narcissism.  We have to step away from media and allow God inside.   It’s a challenge to turn full control of life, over to the Lord. Yes, life is full of difficulties.

Being a Godly Boyfriend requires stop trying to be in control, just stop controlling everything.  Stress and anxiety builds up.  A all humans try to take control of their lives and others. A Godly boyfriend needs to get over the daily pity things. A Godly man strives to have ​purity of heart. While a Godly man is one who emphasizes his own integrity.  In addition, strives to be a just man with good character. At the same time Godly man, knows the Lord prefers the hard worker. You need to give up control and let God do his work.

A Godly Boyfriend Gives

How many times have you heard to watch out for number one.  Some say you should take care of number.  However, are we really number one?  Are other people number one?

The reality God is number one!  A Godly boyfriend gives his time or how to be a godly boyfriend , dating a christian girl, christian dating boundaries, ungodly soul ties , christian breakup money without complaining.  The reason nothing is ours.  Everything belongs to the creator.  There many ways to develop selflessness behavior.  Don’t worry you don’t  need cash.  You can engage in selflessness, by giving your time.  I started my selflessness journey by joining Habitat for the Humanity.  It was hard at first, because I was really self-centered.  It was really hard giving up a day for others.  I worked with others who were also self-centered.  They had a hard time completing the work.  I was grateful, to complete my first day of unselfishness.  I did not share this with anyone, until five years later and did not use my experience to impress the ladies. Later I learned how people, enjoyed their new homes.  Raised, in a middle class neighborhood,  I never starved for food.  By many standards, I was spoiled.  The experience of giving up your time for others was very beneficial, in becoming a Godly boyfriend.

Ungodly Soul Ties

When dating a Christian girl, are you in Ungodly Soul Ties?  In a wrong relationship?  Are you with a wrong partner?  Why are so many people hooking up with the wrong person?

Why are there so many attractive women in Ungodly soul ties?  How many times have you been told by a reasonable attractive women, the bad conduct about their boyfriends and husbands?  Where he (boyfriend or husband) does not help in the raising of her kids.  My husband does not help around the house.  He left me for another woman.  My boyfriend is cheating on me.

Women are very intuitive creatures.  Girls are smarter in terms in of soft skills.  Most women’s minds are more developed then men.  How is it possible, many (not all), have poor judgment of men, with who they are going to have babies with?

My female cousins are extremely educated with degrees. However they are in Ungodly soul ties.  Many of them hooked up, with men that are basically wife beaters.  They were told by friends and family to leave those men, but would not listen.

Ungodly Soul Ties, When Dating a Christian Girl.

Again, these are really smart women, getting in Ungodly soul ties. These smart females are attracted by bad boys? I tend to think they are attracted to their confidence.   I have studied these bad boys and hanged out with them. Most of these bad boys don’t have jobs, and can’t keep a job. They think everything is easy. Most can play video games, but are really stupid.  They have looks, but are too over confident.  Nothing is a problem for them, but are liars. Most believe, that easy job is around the corner.  They tend to be loud and repeat popular main stream statements.

Just like men are attracted to hot sexy women; women are attracted to confident men.  There are many good Christian men, that lack confidence.  However, they tend to be worried about present and future problems. That worry shows on their faces and makes them look weak.

On the other hand, the bad boy (confident looking men), does not show worry on their faces.  They show calmness and courage.  This attracts the cave woman mental physic. Most women are very attracted to a confident man.  Just look at movies, TV, and TMZ, as they pour their attention to men like George Cloony or Brad Pit.  Or look at less physical attractive men like Vince Vaughn, as they show confidence and women are drawn to.

Beautiful Christian Girls in Ungodly Soul Ties

Beautiful Christian girls tormented by thoughts about finding the right man.  Unfortunately, you see these Ungodly soul ties in young people more.  The girl maybe raised in a not so good household.  Her hormones are kicking in and attracted to confident boys (bad boys).  She has a kid before 18, and consisting of a difficult.  A young woman may be biologically ready to reproduce, but her mind undeveloped and will make poor choices.

Some girls, that don’t have a father, understand men based on TV and movies.  They really don’t have a clue about men, and allow their primitive brains make the wrong decisions. These bad decisions are based on their gut feelings.

It appears most women, regardless of religious commitment, are more attracted to a confident fellow.   In my observations, at work or parties, most men that over talk and show confidence, show value to the other person.

Most Ungodly soul ties, result in pure misery. If we persist in an Ungodly relationship, we know the Lord is not in agreement.  During such a relationship you feel anxiety and mental pain.  In an Ungodly relationship,  the days are long and grueling.  Your heart is empty.  You can’t sleep or eat well.

When you are in Ungodly relationship, you feel tide down, but at the same time wish it would end.  It takes a lot of energy to change and a lack of ability to find a happy solution.

However, some feel comfortable just being miserable, like an alcoholic in denial.  They are okay being miserable.  They feel powerless and out of control.  Their mind feels tormented.   Most people feel trapped in an Ungodly tie.

Many times, feelings from an ex-girlfriend linger for a long time.  Like a monkey on their backs, an ex-lover persists in her mind.  She may be longing for someone new in her mind,  but  she won’t tell you.  You have to assume. It’s okay to playfully disagree.

Christian Breakup

Yes, a Christian breakup is hard to do.  A break up is the result of a relationship at the “End” of a relationship. I have heard, “this is a tough breakup.” There are few easy breakups. Few times break ups are amicable.

Nevertheless, a breakup is healing in nature.  It’s the start for a new birth. A good Christian breakup is the start of a period of your life that leads positives.

In breakups, most people focus on how good thing were and what they miss.  Most don’t focus on the good part of a breakup.  Many times, she was not the right girl for you.  She was not ready to for marriage.  She was not ready to have kids.

Imagine falling in love and married with the wrong person.  Lets say you have a good profession and have two kids.    One of the risk when dating a Christian girl.  However, you did not foresee, you were incompatible with her.  You have a major divorce, and the pain starts.  A breakup may be a gift in disguise.   However, in breakups, we are always sad and gloomy.  Even though friends and family tells us, it was positive you broke up.  You are still down and so very negative in a breakup.

Learning from a Christian Breakup

After a break up, it’s a good learning experience.  You need to take the time, and find the positives for the break up.  It’s more important to learn, why she was not good enough for you.  Learn why, you were not going to get married.  Why, you were not a good candidate for marriage.  Maybe you are both good people; however, you are currently immature. Some people are mature.  Other people mature after college.  While other individuals never mature.  For most, the older we get, the easier it is to communicate.  The higher the maturity, the closer to the Lord is an individual.

After the breakup, you loose some old friends and make a few new ones.  You start going to different restaurants. You join a new GYM and get a new car.  Allow, for God to restore your broken heart; because God is the greatest healer of all.

DISCLAIMER: We are not psychologists or licensed professionals. We’re just average everyday folks who understand. We understand life is hard.  There are no easy answers.   Please consult a licensed professional.

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